Forward vibratory plate

For compaction of sand, gravel, rock fill, asphalt and paving stones.

All our machine models are versatile and easy to operate. They are also durable and reliable, which means lower operating and maintenance costs.

  • The Swepac F 80A is a compact, lightweight vibratory plate that is easy to maneuver. It also features a 11 liter built in water tank.
  • The water tank can easily be disassembled, no tools are needed. Adjustable amount of water.
  • With a Vulkollan® plate (accessory) attached to the base, it can compact paved areas efficiently for an even surface.
  • The machine can cope with the toughest of jobs since parts of the motor and transmission are fully enclosed in a rugged polythene casing. The chassis and handle are hot-dip galvanized and maintenance-free.
  • The excentric element has permanently lubricated bearings that require no maintenance.
  • The handle bar can easily be removed without any tools, for instance, for transportation.