Finishing Beam Petrol-Handle, premium

All of our machines are versatile and easy to operate. Designed for heavy-duty and with high reliability. This means low running and maintenance costs.

• Light-weight and easy to manoeuvre engine screed
• The transmission shaft transmits a horizontal vibration effect
• Reliable and environmentally friendly Honda petrol engine
• Variable vibration frequency
• Adjustable working angle on the handle provides optimum working comfort
• Lift handle and engine guard in the same part
• Smooth aluminum profile, easy to clean
• The de-vibrated handle rack minimizes handle vibrations
• Round corners of the profile eliminate the risk of stripes in the concrete
• Symmetrical profile for dual use
• Easy attachment of the drive on the profile without tools simplifies the change

Part number

4080457 Drive unit
4080458 Profile 2.0 m
4080459 Profile 3.0 m
4080460 Profile 4.0 m
4080461 Profile 5.0 m