For floating and trowelling of fresh concrete

All Swepac trowels are versatile and easy to operate. They are strong and reliable which means lower operating and maintenance costs.

  • Strong reliable worm gearbox with permanent lubrication.
  • Safe electric drive, environmentally friendly and quiet-running
  • Long and height-adjustable handle
  • The long handle is foldable for convenient transport and storage
  • A folding handle makes transport and storage easy.
  • “Easy grip” dead-man’s handle that is easy to hold and designed in such a way that it can be gripped from any point along the ergonomic handle
  • Lifting hook with integrated plate to protect the engine and the electrical fittings
  • Stepless speed settings with “soft-start” so that the machine starts gently and the speed increases from zero up to the speed setting
  •  Very stable protection ring offers excellent visibility features.
  • All steel parts have been electrically galvanized and surface treated to provide better protection against corrosion
  • Screw or alternatively quick-pitch system for blade adjustment
  • Unique fast blade change system. Just one quick-release pin per blade
  • Accessory: Transport wheels.
  • Easy to carry out service, change the blades or the floating disc – just tilt the machine with the transport wheels fitted.